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D5WN0K Parents giving son asthma inhaler. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.

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There is a double standard concerning memory failure when it comes to age.

Ageism – the elderly are guilty of it too.

Discussing age can be dangerous. Those who don’t believe me should ask a middle-aged woman her age and stick around to see the results. I wouldn’t blame her for her response. Our society looks down upon the elderly or ageing and puts the notion in our heads that quality of life deteriorates significantly with each passing year after 40.

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Expats experience twice as many mental health problems than domestic citizens.

A report called The Mental Health Status of Expatriate Versus US Domestic Workers shows that 50% of the expats that participated in the study are at high risk of mental health problems.
Expats experience twice as many mental health issues as domestic citizens, with anxiety and depression being the common ones, according to
the study.

In some cases when depression becomes so severe, expats may feel that returning home is their only option.Expats who have trouble with anxiety stop undertaking activities that they usually enjoy, because it does not give them pleasure anymore. Instead, they stay at home and worry. Read More →


Wearing hearing aids could prevent dementia

International health news

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Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into Tissue

Every year winter is the season for sudden flu outbreaks, luckily there are ways to prevent getting sick!

Every year winter is the season for sudden flu outbreaks; the question of when you experience the full
blast all depends on where you are living.

For example, in the United States flu season peaks between December and February, and can last until May. This is the same for Europe. In Australia on the other hand, May to October is considered flu season, and the peak is in August.

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Colourful fruits and vegetables protect the brain from potential damage.

Today it seems that the answer to every question is just a google search away. The growing dependence on the internet is a threat to the mental capacity of the average person. Thus, we are in danger of evolving into a generation of superficial thinkers.

Do you find yourself forgetting answers to simple questions or do you suffer from memory blanks during tests?

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Coal has been linked to several respiratory problems and contributes to climate change.

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The HFEA have given the go ahead for the first gene editing trial of its kind to be conducted in the UK.

This is the first time that any form of “gene editing” of DNA in embryos has been approved in the world.

Although it is illegal to implant the modified embryos into a womb, there are fears that this research could lead to the first Genetically Modified (GM) or “designer” babies. Read More →

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Hiking has been linked with a lower incidence of cancer cases.

For many expats across the globe, the new year means resolutions to get into shape and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The gym may seem like the obvious choice, but it can be expensive and committing to go a certain number of times a week is difficult.

How about an alternative solution? Take a hike! If you’re not convinced, let me tell you why you should reconsider: Read More →