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Kat Ashton currently resides in Madrid. She is a harsh critic of anything that contains fennel and spends her time reading, writing and dreaming about the intangible world of ideas.

Health Roundup December 19

International Health News The United Nations General Assembly has announced that it will hold a high-level meeting in 2018 dedicated solely to the combat and treatment of TB. Health organizations… Read more »

Health Roundup December 12

International Health News Liver cancer is becoming one of the most prevalent killers in developing countries. This rise in cases has been attributed to various factors such as increases in… Read more »

Health Roundup November 28

International Health News Many global women’s advocacy groups and health networks are banding together, ready to block decisions made by the President-elect Donald Trump and his administration, which they fear… Read more »

Health Roundup November 21

International Health News The Zika virus is no longer an international public health emergency, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The virus, which causes birth defects in newborns, still remains… Read more »

Health Roundup November 14

International Health News Experts claim that nearly half of all adults living with diabetes are unaware they have the disease. Doctors are urging their patients to go for regular screenings… Read more »