‘Insurance obligatory for everybody’, says Omani government

The Oman government recently announced plans to make health insurance compulsory to all citizens and expat residents. It is believed that this will ensure a better quality of healthcare for everyone residing in Oman, as successful results have been achieved in other countries.  

The announcement comes in the wake of a booming medical tourism industry, which is expected to increase by 25% each year over the next ten years. In Oman, an estimated 64,000 citizens traveled to Thailand alone in search of healthcare, with many also seeking care in India. The new plans hope to reduce this trend and provide citizens and residents with national healthcare.

The changes will surely open up the health insurance market in Oman, with world-class business expected to be tempted to the Sultanate. As well as increasing the options available to the people of Oman, it will create better market competition, meaning service improvements and lower costs.

It is expected that different packages will be introduced for citizens and expats. Assuming that citizens will get a better deal, any long-term expats who might consider obtaining citizenship will be left disappointed, as it is almost impossible to do so.


About Aga Wilkos

Aga WIlkos is a journalism student from Poland who also spent some months in the Netherlands and now she lives in Spain. She is interested in medical health care in different countries and human rights. In her spare times she likes traveling and reading good books.