Record breaking number of Americans now have health insurance

photo-1445384763658-0400939829cdSince Obamacare was introduced in 2012, healthcare coverage in America has seen a big increase. Right now, for the first time ever, less than 1 in 10 people in the USA live without health insurance – around 28.6 million inhabitants.

According to the chairman of Quinnipiac University’s Department of Healthcare Management, professor Angela Mattie, this could lead to more people opting for insurance that is cheaper and altered to their needs.

This news, together with the fact that health insurance premiums will be higher than ever in 2017, is important for insurers looking forward. Consumers will be more inclined on finding the best option, which also means that more of them will change insurance provider. This puts pressure on the market to offer the best deals with accessible healthcare, and it will make the market more competitive.