Could walking desks be the future of the workplace?

With the rising cases of obesity nowadays, a new product has emerged: the walking desk. This innovation combines a normal desk, where you can put your laptop and keyboard, with a treadmill that allows you to walk or jog while working. Instead of sitting down all day, this upgrade from the standing desk ensures that people stay active while feeling energized. Could this be the key to stop sedative lifestyles or could it instead be a distraction?

Reducing obesity while at work

Sedentary lifestyle, in part caused by work, has lead to a high percentage of obesity throughout the world. For example, according to a poll commissioned by Cancer Research UK, half of Brits only walk less than a mile per day. Walking desks in the workplace have been seen as a way to fight this. A gym membership might not even be needed with this invention since it lets employees be as active as they feel while at work.

Efficiency booster…

According to a new study, walking desks can actually increase your job performance. In fact, walking throughout the day actually boosts your energy level and productivity, which makes you more aware. This can help not only the quality of employees’ work, but also the quantity.

…Or a distraction?

Although this is an efficient way to decrease the waistline, it doesn’t necessarily increase efficiency for all employees. Although the study has shown that walking makes you feel more energized, it does not take into account multi-tasking: concentrating on work while walking is a challenge for some. Some critics have said that these walking desks are taking focus away from the workers, making it harder to do small tasks such as using a mouse while walking.

Finding a balance

Although treadmill desks might be they key to staying active, it is important for the workers to use it carefully. For first time users, it is better to start by walking slowly to get used to it, while only using it for small periods of time. Little by little, employees can up the speed and the number of kilometers they walk per day. This helps people who have felt too distracted to also improve cognitive functions. The most important thing to remember is to use it at your own pace and also, to stay hydrated.

All in all, this invention has had positive results for the employees. It has made the majority of them feel more energized throughout the day and has even acted as mood enhancers for some. It might not be considered as a big workout for some people, but walking is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.