Five health and fitness gift ideas

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five healthy gifts

Try these healthy ideas to kick-start the New Year.

Christmas is always a time of overindulgence. Check out our list of five healthy gift ideas to help get you, and your loved ones, back on track for the New Year.

1. Blender with to-go cup

A blender combined with a sports bottle is the perfect item to take your smoothie with you when you go. Just blend your favorite fruit and vegetables in the blender, take the sports bottle with you and you’re ready to go.

Available from many online retailers for around US$25.

2. Yoga kit

Why spend money on going to yoga classes when you can practice your yoga skills in the comfort of your home? Yoga kits for beginners generally have everything you need to stay in shape. A lightweight, portable non-slip yoga mat, a resistance band, and a yoga DVD that provides a workout guide are usually all included.

3. The healthy potato chip maker

As far as snacks go potato chips (crisps) are very low on the list of healthy options. With a healthy chip maker you can prepare almost any veggie or fruit, you only need a microwave and a bit of creativeness. You can make your healthy “potatoes” without using any oil, simply place the sliced vegetables or fruit on the silicone tray, wait 3-4 minutes and you will be able to try crispy, delicious and fat-free chips!

Available through several online retailers for around US$13.

4. Fitness tracker

There are many versions of fitness tracker wristbands on the market, ranging in price from US$20 to over US$200. Each one comes with its pros and cons, but they generally measure data such as steps taken, heart rate, blood pressure and other indicators of your overall health. Analyse your daily performance by syncing the wristband with your phone or tablet and monitoring your progress over the course of several months.

5. Food steamer

Steaming your food is a great way to cook without adding extra fat or losing the nutrients in food through over-boiling. To save some money, a steam basket can be bought that fits in a stove-top pot or get one that is a stand-alone version.