Health insurance for expats in Germany

Health insurance in Germany is said to be one of the most expensive.

Germany is one of the main players for high class medical treatment, but this comes at a cost.

Since 2009, any residents in Germany are required to possess health insurance. Although the medical care and treatment in Germany is of a very high standard, it comes at a cost.

For those seeking employment in Germany, it is worth noting that there is a threshold in place Verisicherungspflichtgrenze) which states that those earning below a certain wage will automatically be insured under the public health insurance scheme. This mandatory insurance under the public health scheme also applies for students at a state university. Families can take advantage of the public health system since spouses and children can be registered under the main earner’s name.

It is only for those therefore, earning a higher income than the threshold who can opt out of the public health scheme and purchase a private plan. Your insurance plan, therefore will be dependent on your gross income and your length of stay in Germany. These factors will also determine whether you opt for insurance provided by a local German insurance company or an specialist in expat insurance. If you opt for the latter, take a look at our 10 tips for choosing expat health insurance.

For more information, our German Health Guide has just been updated. It covers all health and insurance aspects you need to know before settling down. You can have a look here:

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