Online fitness e-books – a new trend for women?

Lately, the overflow of fitness e-books and nutrition plans has created numerous fitness movements.tumblr front page pic

Women of all ages and from all over the world are purchasing an e-book and joining others who have already paved the way for a healthy and fit start to the new year.

The duration of the exercise period is usually 12 weeks. Depending on the author, the styles of exercise included in the e-books can vary. Normally it consists of strength exercises for different body parts such as legs, arms and stomach as well as cardio.

5 things to consider before buying a fitness e-book

But, how can you be sure that you can really rely on your purchase? Expat Health has created a checklist for you to ensure you are getting the best out of your purchase:

1. Author background & credibility

At first, you should do a little detective work and find out more information about the author, whether they have all the relevant experience, achievements and references from the press/magazines and people who have used their guides. You can easily research in Google

2. The content – is it enough?

Many authors tend to split the content and create different e-books for nutrition plan, fitness exercises, and a manual. Some, on the other hand, combine everything into one e-book. You have to decide what is necessary for you and which you would find most beneficial and ignore the rest.

3. Will you actually follow the fitness guide? 

Make sure you compare different options before narrowing it down to one. Choose a training guide which matches your interests and ask yourself whether you have the persistence to follow the exercises. (This is very important!)

 4. Existing examples of results

Even if the theory looks  good it is always worthwhile looking out for testimonials from real people who may or may not have real results after using that particular fitness e-book. Maybe someone you know has experience or you can find acknowledgement on the Internet. It is always good sift out the true results from the forged ones. Additionally, you can try to contact the author and talk through your doubts.

5. Price

Price is important, therefore, make sure that the e-book you are planning to buy is affordable for you. E-books actually cannot be compared with regular books because they are not intended to sell massive quantities, at least not in the beginning. This is the reason why the price range appear to be slightly more expensive. In the current market the e-books can cost up to 90 euros. An important thing to consider is that you make sure to receive the maximum value for the money spent.


Are you looking for inspiration?

Some suggested e-books available are:

kayla ebookKayla Itsines – Bikini Body Guide

Kayla Itsines is a young personal trainer from Australia, currently a “Kayla” movement is taking the country by storm. This fitness movement has also found its way to the United States as well as to Europe, meaning that thousands of women are following her workouts, cardio techniques and eating plans. The Bikini Body guide is available here.



Sonia Tlev – Top Body Guidesonia ebook

The Top Body Guide is a newcomer which was launched recently by the French fitness guru Sonia Tlev. Women who have followed her guides show remarkable changes already within the first weeks. If you are interested the Top Body Guide can be found from her website.

neila ray ebookNeila Rey – 90 Days of Action

Additionally, there are free training guides available such as the 90 Days of Action by Neila Rey.

You can download the fitness program for free here.







Expats sharing their health/fitness experiences and thoughts

Here you find some blogs written by expats who are interested in the topics such as health and fitness.

Ale Berrie – A lifestyle blog

Ale Berrie, an expat living in Kuala Lumpur keeps a lifestyle blog. Her section on body, mind & spirit is something you should check out!

The Expat Runner

Johanna is writing her blog from Perth, Australia. If you are into running – have a look!

GoGuiri – join the race in Madrid 

Amy Flippant, a British girl living in Madrid keeps you updated on local running events. Find her blog, GoGuiri here!


So, if you haven’t found a gym yet or just don’t feel like it’s your “thing”, we offer you an alternative option: e-books. There are literally thousands of fitness guides online to choose from.. And, the best part is that you can work out from home.

Do you follow any fitness guide? Let us know!

Or, you write a blog related to fitness and health? We want to hear from you!