New app gives directions to nearest hospital

health app Clements Worldwide

Clements Worldwide app helps expats find healthcare abroad.

Members of Clements Worldwide GlobalCare, Scholars, and Clements Group Health programmes can benefit from the recently launched mobile application, mPassport. The app offers instant access to account information, and medical resources for members at no additional cost.

Users of the app are able to locate healthcare providers by city, or via the GPS functionality of their phone. The app also provides map directions and the option to schedule an appointment. mPassport’s search function finds equivalent prescriptions and translates important medical terms and phrases, vocalising them in the local language – the majority of expats will understand the usefulness of this feature.

The app doesn’t need an Internet connection to work, a bonus for expats in more remote regions or those with an erratic connection, and is downloadable across all mobile platforms. mPassport is an additional benefit for Clements Worldwide international policyholders.

“With the mPassport mobile app, expatriates have access to their GlobalCare, Scholars, and Clements Group Health account information and resources wherever they are,” says David Brumbach, director at Clements Worldwide.

“Coupled with our extensive global coverage and dedicated claims support, this new mobile app is another invaluable benefit we are proud to offer to our customers.”

The mPassport app, launched at the end of last year, comes at a time when more companies are developing health and fitness apps. Humana, a health insurance provider based in the U.S., has this week announced improvements to its MyHumana mobile app. The app allows Humana customers to access deductibles and claims details, as well as coverage and benefits information.

“We continue to see an increasing number of individuals interacting with Humana via mobile devices. A personalized, secure mobile experience is one of the best ways for our consumers to engage in their care,” said Brian LeClaire, Chief Information Officer at Humana.