Expert support for expats abroad

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AXA PPP health insurance plan

International health insurers are launching online help services for expats.

AXA PPP International has recently launched a new online service to help expats. The service is aimed at anyone currently enrolled in an AXA PPP health insurance plan.

The service, “MyGlobe”, covers 247 countries. It provides information on local healthcare to help expats become oriented in their new homes.

MyGlobe will provide members with access to AXA PPP International’s global network of over 10,000 healthcare providers. The facilities are organised by country, city and speciality. Users can even identify which providers have English speaking staff for expats who aren’t confident in the local language.

As well as healthcare information MyGlobe also offers practical local information such as public holidays and emergency numbers. Members can find out what vaccinations they should get before traveling and receive health-alerts, warning them of communicable diseases in their destination.

AXA PPP International is one of several insurance companies launching online services for their policy holders. GeoBlue recently launched an iPhone app for its customers to use anywhere in the world.

Telehealth and online healthcare services are becoming a popular alternative for people abroad and those that cannot reach a doctor in person. We at Expat Health expect more and more services like this will appear in the near future as more international health insurers compete.