Medical insurance for high risk regions from Tangiers Global

expat medical insurance

New health insurance policies for individuals and groups in high risk countries.

Tangiers Global, a subsidiary of the Tangiers Group, has been tasked with finding creative insurance solutions for expats and travellers going to high risk regions. With the support of Lloyd’s of London, Tangiers Global has already introduced battleface, an individual travel medical insurance plan.

In a recent analysis, International SOS found significant travel to areas with greater health risks. The results of their survey showed nearly a quarter (23%) of business travellers are going to places with a “medium”, “high” or “extreme” risk, as rated on International SOS’s HealthMap.

In addition to the individual battleface plan, Tangiers Global has also launched International Employee Defence (IED), a comprehensive group healthcare plan. According to the website, IED plans provide coverage for groups working in areas where “conflict, civil unrest and war can affect the delivery of medical services and emergency assistance”.

Battleface plans, targeting the individual, are available in Warrior, Explorer and Adventurer packages. Warrior plans cover travel and working in conflict zones. Explorer covers you in challenging countries, from Bahrain to North Korea. Finally, Adventurer plans include remote areas.

Battleface policyholders also receive membership of the Organisation for Better Security (OBS) network. OBS members share their experiences in conflict zones and high risk areas in realtime. This tool could be invaluable to intrepid expats and travellers.

Betsy Brougher, managing director of the new insurance division, said since joining, “I’ve been amazed by how Tangiers International is delivering healthcare in really challenging places.  By having Tangiers’ employees living and working beside their clients in these environments, when they need health care, they don’t have to wait.”