New short term individual private medical insurance released

short term private medical insurance

Now expats moving abroad for less than a year can take out health insurance policies for the amount of time they require.

Now people moving abroad for less than a year can buy short-term individual private medical insurance (iPMI). Bupa International has unveiled the new policy, called Bupa Flex. It allows customers to buy iPMI on a 3-11 month basis, down to the day they require.

Muriel MacCallum, marketing director, Bupa International, said:

We’ve listened to our customers and designed Bupa Flex specifically for their short term needs. If you are relocating abroad, or travelling on an overseas assignment through work, you don’t necessarily want to take out a full year’s policy, but you still want the comprehensive cover IPMI provides.

Previously, people moving abroad for less than a year were forced to buy policies lasting at least a full-year. Bupa says Bupa Flex will allow people to choose the length of their policy, providing value for money. Customers will have full access to more than 200,000 medical providers worldwide, and will be able to contact Bupa International’s doctors and advisors 24 hours a day.

This new product means that our customers will still have access to the appropriate care and treatment they need, wherever they are in the world (except the USA), through an insurance policy with a time frame and price that suits their needs.