NowCompare wins “race to enter China”

NowCompare comparison in China

Expats in China get their first health insurance comparison tool.

China is fast becoming a top but challenging location for international work assignments. Companies have identified it as one of the most demanding destinations, both in terms of compliancy and for employees.

The international health insurance industry has long been trying to enter the potentially huge Chinese market, but strict local regulations have made it an expensive and complicated process. However, has announced it is ready to launch its popular expat insurance comparison site in the country.

Mike Ramsay, Chief Executive of NowCompare, said “China has been in our sights for a long time and it has been a race among many in our industry to be the first to enter.”

NowCompare has become the number one expat insurance provider in Hong Kong and will introduce the first website of this kind in mainland China. It will allow the growing expat community to compare all the international insurance options open to them.

Previously, expats in China had to consult a local insurance broker or look overseas for coverage. With the launch of the website in March, expatriates will be able to compare all the relevant insurance online.

In addition, expats in China for the first time, will be eligible for health insurance discounts that NowCompare customers receive elsewhere.