Expat guide: Health insurance information

Health insurance needed before leaving home country

What you need and why you need expat health insurance

One thing that should be organised before you leave for your expat adventure should be international health insurance. Your company may have already arranged your insurance, but you should always check the details.

Why do I need expat health insurance?

Expat, or international health insurance is designed to cover people who leave their country of origin to move abroad permanently. The laws on having medical insurance and the type you need vary considerably, but the following are some common reasons why you need it:

  • The country you are moving to legally requires you to have private medical insurance.
  • The standard of health care in your new country doesn’t meet your standards or needs.
  • You may struggle with local language barriers and prefer to use a private health care provider.
  • While the quality may be good, health care is very expensive in your destination.

Why not wait until I arrive?

If you wait until you reach your new home health insurance could take several weeks to set up and start covering you. These weeks would mean you and your family weren’t covered for medical expenses. If something were to happen and you needed emergency care the cost could spiral without insurance coverage.

What coverage will I need?

Depending on your destination and nationality the level of coverage you require will vary. Most countries offer information regarding health care online.

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