Health news round-up: 18th Feb 2013

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health news roundup

A selection of this week’s health news from around the world.

International health news

  • Lung cancer in women – Lung cancer is set to overtake breast cancer as Europe’s biggest killer of women.
  • Horse meat contamination – The horse meat scandal is spreading across Europe, with 13 EU countries now affected.
  • Counterfeit drugs – Global crackdown on fake and contaminated drugs as people die in Nigeria, Argentina and the US.

Health tips

Country alerts

  • Nigeria: Healthworkers killed in attacks – Nine women distributing polio vaccines have been shot dead.
  • UK: New case of Sars-like virus – A third case of novel coronavirus has been reported, worrying experts it can spread from person to person.
  • Greece: Malaria outbreak – Malaria cases are spreading with new cases being reported in Attica and Xanthi regions.
  • Australia: Private insurance sees big uptake – Since insurance reforms, people opting for private health coverage is the highest in 37 years.