Weekly health news roundup: 4 November 2013

online health news 4 November 2013

Roundup of this week’s international health news on 4 November 2013.

International health news

  • Recession hits healthy eating – Increased food prices and stagnant incomes are driving people to choose cheap, processed food options rather than fresh fruit and veg.
  • India’s booming surrogacy industry – India is one of the few countries to allow commercial surrogacy, with many couples paying women to carry children for them.
  • Early puberty linked to obesity – Girls in the USA are experiencing puberty much earlier than previous generations, researchers suspect diet and weight to be the cause.

Health advice

Country health alerts

  • France: First rabies case since 2008 – A kitten has died of rabies near Paris, the first case since a dog died in 2008. France has been officially rabies free since 2001.
  • UAE: Insulin demand soars – An increasing awareness of diabetes among the general population and healthcare workers is driving the demand for insulin in the gulf state.
  • Canada: Private healthcare options needed – Long waiting times despite increased spending means authorities must look abroad for universal care with private options.

Image courtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilian (sxc.hu).