Weekly health news roundup: 28 October 2013

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Top health news from around the world: 28 October 2013

International health news

  • Movember – What has it done for men’s health? – The month of November sees men in 21 countries grow a moustache and raise money for male cancer research.
  • World Polio Day – 26 October marks World Polio Day and the ongoing campaign to eradicate this disease, currently endemic in Pakistan, Nigeria, and Afghanistan.
  • Saturated fat “myth” – The risk of saturated fats is being “demonised” and the risk of sugars overlooked, says a leading cardiologist.

Health advice

  • Daily aspirin confusion – Debates still rage on whether over-50s should regularly take aspirin, with a fine balance between the benefits and possible bleeding on brain.
  • 5 great autumn foods – 5 foods in season right now which contain fibre, vitamins and other dietary essentials.

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