Weekly health news roundup: 5 August 2013

health news 5 August 2013

Weekly health news roundup: 5 August 2013

International health news

  • Contaminated baby milk scare – Fonterra, the world’s biggest dairy exporter, has found bacteria in some products that could cause botulism.
  • Global travel alert issued -Travelling during a global alert, travel insurance with terrorism and emergency evacuation coverage could be vital.
  • HIV treatment to start earlier – WHO recommends treating people with HIV drugs before they even get sick as it prolongs their lives and slows virus.

Health advice

  • Gluten-free labels defined – The FDA has defined the rules for a food to be labelled “gluten-free”, helping consumers choose foods confidently.
  • Travelling with medicines – How to deal with prescriptions, doctors and insurance when you’re abroad.

Country health alerts