Weekly health roundup – 12th December

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International health news

A new line of research has revealed that losing hair prematurely could be a signal for an increased risk of heart problems. The study was conducted in India and assessed 2,000 men under the age of 40.

A new device known as the Lucid System could help to detect symptoms of a stroke earlier. The device is said to detect potential blood clots which often cause the most harmful strokes non-invasively.

Country updates

Scientists in the USA have discovered a way to enhance the capability of some antibiotics in killing drug-tolerant bacteria. The researchers hope to explore effective ways of delivering the drug combination so as to better eradicate bacterial pathogens.

NHS England has warned that there is an increased risk of heart attacks and stroke immediately after cold weather. Older people who have existing medical conditions are more likely to be affected.

Health advice

A major new study has revealed that women who use birth control with even a small dose of hormones are more at risk of breast cancer. Although links between birth control and breast cancer have been known for a while, there was hope that other forms of contraception, such as IUDs and implants, would have less risk.

A study has suggested that gum infections may increase the risk of stomach cancer. People should make sure that they brush twice a day in order to prevent gum disease.