Weekly health roundup- 16th January

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International health news

Scientists have warned that cancer patients who are on the drug Palbociclib should consider altering their diet to not include bread. The chemical found in bread and a range of other common foods is said to reverse any benefits provided by this drug.  

Health officials are warning that antibiotics used to treat UTIs can be problematic for pregnant women and their babies. When given in the first trimester, such antibiotics can cause a small risk for birth defects.

Country updates

In order to protect kids from opioids, the US Food and Drug Administration is requiring increased safety labelling on cold and cough medicines. Medicines containing codeine or hydrocodone must now have a label indicating it is for 18+ only.

The Director General of the World Health Organisation made a trip to Kenya last week in order to deepen the cooperation with the East African nation in the health sector. He said that the agency will strengthen its partnership with Kenya to attain ambitious targets such as universal health coverage.

Health advice

A combined blood test and a brain scan could help doctors predict whether a stroke survivor is likely to have another stroke. Experts say that this new approach could revolutionise the way doctors handle strokes that are caused by brain bleeding.

Having a family history of cardiovascular diseases increases the risk of having a cardiovascular episode. Research has indicated that people with one parent that has had a heart attack were 48% more likely to have one of their own.