Weekly Health Roundup – 17th October

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International Health News

Depression is a little known but very common problem following a stroke. Most people associate the effects of a stroke with speech impairment or motor disorders but a large number of patients also experience mood changes.

Eating broccoli and brussel sprouts daily can cut the risk of both arthritis and heart disease. A recent study suggests that both of these vegetables can help maintain a healthy gut.

Lifesaving stroke treatment is only administered to 10% of eligible patients. Doctors often avoid administering IV alteplase because of the possible adverse side effects.

Country updates

A state of emergency has been declared in California over a deadly Hepatitis A outbreak. So far, this outbreak has killed 18 people.

The United Arab Emirates warns against wearing white coats outside of health facilities. This is so that the spread of pathogenic microbes inside and outside of the facilities can be avoided.

The devastation of the hurricanes in Puerto Rico will likely have a long term impact on the island’s health. The hospitals have been left without supplies and emergency services are finding it difficult to reach people who need help.

Health Advice

Immunotherapy is the latest weapon in the fight against cancer. The treatment aims to direct the full force of the immune system on malignancies that would otherwise grow and spread unchecked.  

64% of Cardiologists believe that stress is the main cause of heart disease. This is contrary to belief that improper diet and lack of exercise were the main factors.