Weekly health roundup – 19th December

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International health news

According to the results of two studies in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, the majority of women who underwent breast cancer operations reportedly felt as though they were not given enough information about their treatment options.

Researchers at the University of California have discovered that the way in which the immune system responds to a heart attack significantly determines what happens following the heart attack. They hope to discover why dying cells in the heart created an immune system response.

Country updates

The World Health Organisation’s African director has warned that a lack of funding is hampering the fight to improve healthcare on the continent. She has called for additional resources to improve access to life saving treatments.

The Prime Minister of Japan has pledged $2.9 billion to support countries pursuing universal health coverage. The money will go towards programs that are combating infectious disease and treating young children in developing countries.

Health advice

A study has found that a steady diet of take out food could significantly increase a child’s risk of heart disease and diabetes in later life. 28% of children that took part in the study stated that they had take out food at least once a week.

Engineers from the University of South Florida have developed a device that improves stroke survivors walking abilities. Early studies have demonstrated major progress in a patient’s ability to move.