Weekly health roundup – 5th December

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International health news

A severe shortage in organ donations has meant that the waiting list for heart transplants has nearly trebled in the last decade. Since 2008, the waiting list has increased by up to 168%.

In a recent study, researchers from Harvard and MIT have found that antibiotics can weaken the immune system.The researchers say that it is helpful in improving our understanding on the effect that antibiotics has on our bodies.

Country updates

China Sinopharm International Corporation, one of China’s leading pharmaceutical companies, has partnered with the Zambian Ministry of Health to construct a Vaccines and Medicine company in Zambia. Some of the vaccines that are set to be produced include yellow fever, hepatitis B and HPV vaccines.

The Health Authority in Dubai has began to explore its medical tourism opportunities. The chairman of the authority, Humaid Al Qutami, has said that he wishes to have 500,000 health tourists by 2020 and be one of the leading medical tourism destinations in the world.

Health advice

A new study has found that eating cheese on a daily basis could reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Daily consumption of the dairy product reduced the risk of heart disease by 14% and stroke by 10%.

Researchers from the Korea University in Seoul have indicated that cell phone addiction may affect brain functioning. In the study, addicted teenagers were also more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and insomnia.