Weekly health roundup – 7th November

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International Health News

Young people’s blood could be used to treat Alzheimer’s. In a recent study, those receiving the plasma showed statistically significant improvements in some measures of their independence, such as their ability to shop on their own, control their finances and balance their checkbooks.

Specific gut bacteria can help or hinder cancer treatments. Certain bacteria found in the gut can either help cancer drugs to work or stop them from working efficiently.

An algorithm could now identify suicidal thoughts based on brain scans. The system is 91 percent accurate in tests and is as trustworthy in identifying unaffected people as those with suicidal thoughts.

Country Updates

2 million Chinese mothers carry strep bacteria that can be fatal to newborns. This figure represents around 11% of total annual births in China.

Australian researchers are working towards achieving a global Asbestos ban. 13 Australian people a week die of Asbestos related diseases.

Health Advice

A high fibre diet may help people with colorectal cancer. In a recent study of patients with colorectal cancer, those who were found to have a high fibre content in their bodies were less likely to die.

Drinking as little as two sugary drinks a week can increase your risk of diabetes and stroke. The risk was increased by 42% and even just drinking one sugary drink greatly elevated blood pressure.