Weekly Health Roundup April 17

International Health News

Bandages could soon be able to detect how a wound is healing and send the information back to doctors. Scientists have stated that this could be trialled within the next 12 months.

Recent studies have shown promising results in the use of komodo dragon blood in antibiotics. Scientists think the blood contains an important compound that can be used as a new treatment for infected wounds.

Country updates

In fear of E. coli contamination, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has added more brands of flour and flour products to the national recall list, issued on April 4 2017. This is the second time more brands have been added to the recall list.

Health advice

Many young adults are putting their health at risk by following eating fads, according to National Osteoporosis Society. The charity conducted a survey and discovered that a fifth of under-25s are cutting out or reducing their dairy intake. This reduces the intake of calcium, an important source for strong bones. The charity advises that if dairy products are cut out of diets, they should be replaced with other foods that are rich in calcium, such as nuts, vegetables, and seeds.

Researchers say that toddlers who spend time playing on smartphones and tablets seem to get slightly less sleep. The study suggests that every hour spent using a touchscreen device daily was linked to 15 minutes of less sleep.