Weekly health roundup August 1

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International health news

Breastfeeding within the first hour of birth provides newborns with their first ‘vaccine’, according to Unicef. A vital source of nutrients and antibodies, delaying the first instance of breastfeeding can drastically increase the risk of mortality within the first 28 days.   

Common health supplements including weight loss pills have been found to carry significant health risks. A poorly regulated market means that producers are not required to prove that their product is safe, leading to a lack of consumer knowledge.

Insurance news

With health insurance costs set to rise across Asia, employers are looking for ways to battle the increases. Encouraging employees to live healthier lifestyles and make more informed choices when using health services will ultimately reduce claims and costs.

The USA has been found to be the most expensive country in the world to get international health insurance. The average cost is said to be US $17,335.

Country updates

The 5,500 reported Zika infections in Puerto Rico are said to be a “radical undercount” by experts. The country’s rate of infection is rapidly rising as residents fail to take the threat seriously, choosing not to seek protection.