Weekly health roundup September 19

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International Health News

As bacteria becomes more resistant against medication, treating common but dangerous kidney issues could become more difficult. 12% of people featured in a study on Pyelonephritis, a kidney infection caused by E.coli, found that the usual drugs were ineffective, leading to further treatment being necessary.

It has been discovered that the memory of a heart attack gets stored in our genes. To protect itself, the body activates certain genes, which then remain active in our body through chemical modifications of our DNA.

Country Updates

Employees at startups in North Carolina are been offered health insurance. The employer is paying roughly $110 per employee per month and is giving them the chance to experience working for a startup whilst claiming the benefits more familiar to corporate life.

The private health insurance market in Australia continues to suffer as almost 70% of citizens have considered cancelling or downgrading their coverage. Most Australians feel that the market is being more ‘Americanised’ and that their providers no longer care for them to the standard they expect.

Health Advice

A recent experiment has found that infants who feed themselves are no more likely to choke than those fed by a caregiver. Young children who feed themselves small pieces of food are just as safe as children who are fed pureed food from a spoon.