Weekly health news roundup: 19 May 2014

19 may 2014 health news

Top health stories this week: Measles virus defeats cancer in trials, expensive sunscreens not always the best.

International health news

  • Modified measles destroys cancer – A measles virus modified to attack cancer cells has put one patient in remission in early trials.
  • MERS ‘not a global crisis’ – Despite a recent spike in cases, WHO has said MERS doesn’t yet constitute a “global public health emergency”.
  • Top sunscreens fail SPF test – Several of the most expensive sun-creams on the market offer lower SPF protection than advertised finds consumer watchdog, Which?.

Health advice

  • Two meals a day to treat diabetes? – Eating breakfast and lunch may be more effective at managing type 2 diabetes than smaller more regular meals, say scientists.
  • Red wine benefits ‘over-hyped’ – Red wine ingredient resveratrol has been linked with good heart health, but scientists now say it might not be as good for you as suggested.

Country health updates