Weekly top health news stories: 22 April 2013

health news roundup

Top health news stories from around the web this week.

International health news

Health advice

  • Live in a green city – Urban green-spaces have a very positive affect on people’s well being and mental health says a new study.
  • Buy insurance from an expertExpats should be careful buying insurance from brokers who know little about the subject.

Country alerts

  • UK: Worst pollen season in 50 years – Hayfever season is expected to last longer and be more severe this year due to a long winter and predicted early summer.
  • USA: Boston bombings – The story of healthcare workers who were on the scene and those working in the hospitals flooded with victims.
  • Australia: World leader – Australia has been recognised as a leader in fighting dementia, improving the lives of those with the illness and their carers.