Weekly health roundup – 13th February

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International health news

Researchers have found that stroke affects 55,000 more women than men each year. It is thought to be because of factors such as fluctuations in naturally occurring hormone levels, early age of menarche and menopause.

The venom of a tiny, web weaving spider may contain peptides that are effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria. Researchers believe that if these peptides are worked on further, they could replace antibiotics in the future.

Country updates

According to an official in the Ministry of Health, Egypt is set to open the biggest international organ transplant centre in the Middle East. The centre is designed to try and put an end to organ trafficking in Egypt.

The University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute in Australia have created a platform hosting 3D copies of human cancer tissues. This means that with digital tissue samples, everything is accessible for researchers whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Health advice

A new study has suggested that pets can significantly improve mental health. The research highlighted the ‘intensiveness’ of connectivity that people with pets recorded and how they particularly helped during times of crisis.

According to the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK, pain in the abdomen or back can be one of the earliest signs of pancreatic cancer. Other early symptoms include unexplained weight loss and indigestion.