Weekly health roundup – 3rd April

International health news

According to recent data, 65 percent more antibiotics were sold and consumed in 2015 than in 2000. This is contributing to the increase in deaths as a result of antibiotic resistant infections.

The Food and Drug Administration in America is being sued by several major public health groups for delaying certain rules for electronic cigarettes and cigars. They argue that consumers are being exposed to lethal and addictive components as a result.

Country updates

The government in Estonia has planned to provide free DNA-based lifestyle advice to 100,000 of its 1.3 million residents. It is the first country to provide a state-sponsored personal genetic information service.

Families in Australia who currently have private healthcare are set to pay AUD 200 extra a year following a premium increase. The premium increase of 3.95 percent will equate to around AUD 1 billion extra in costs for the 13 million people who have private healthcare.

Health advice

A group of scientists have found that freezing the hunger nerve has the ability to usher weight loss. This nerve is located at the back of the neck and sends hunger signals from the gut to the brain and by freezing it, people seemingly no longer want to eat unnecessarily.

A recent German study has suggested that adult survivors of childhood cancer have a greater risk of heart disease and developing high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol earlier in life. Overall, the cancer survivors had an increased risk of 38 percent.