Weekly health roundup – 6th February

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International health news

Research has found that moderate exercise may not be enough to reduce the risk of teenagers having heart problems in later life. It has been reported that despite current guidelines, the intensity of exercise needs to be increased.

Researchers have found that there is a 20% increased risk of a baby or child being hospitalised for an infection if the mother took antibiotics while being pregnant. The risk was greater the closer it came to the due date.

Country updates

Following errors in one laboratory in the UK, 60,000 cancer test results may have to be reviewed after women were found to have been mistakenly given the all clear.

The deaths of 3 children in the Philippines may have been caused by the anti-dengue vaccine. A government inquiry has now suggested that the vaccine is not ready for mass immunisation.

As part of a long standing partnership, the UAE has contributed USD 50 million towards the US development of a new institute surrounding stroke research. The institute will focus on detection, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of strokes.

Health advice

A new study by a team of international researchers has found that migraines are linked to an increased risk of suffering cardiovascular conditions. However, the study was observational and therefore no confirmed conclusions between cause and effects can be drawn.

The American Heart Association has warned that breast cancer treatment may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in women. They cautioned that breast cancer patients and doctors should weigh up the benefits of treatment against the potential risk to their hearts.