Wealthy travellers risk less health insurance

Luxury travellers and wealthy expats often purchase less health insurance cover than they should, according to Dr. Tom Brett, Lead General Practitioner for online chemist Lloyd’spharmacy. Brett said that while 60% of people moving or travelling abroad have concerns about getting ill, many of them do nothing about it. Wealth travellers in particular often skimp on health insurance cover.

“The people that are at greater risk are the people that go to the five star resorts, or the beach resorts, or the main tourist areas in the higher risk countries, because they’re the people that think ‘this is a tourist area, or a five star hotel, I will be fine,'” Brett said. “In fact, places like that are just as high a risk, if not a higher risk, than going off the beaten track.”

Travellers from all income groups should purchase some form of international health insurance before going abroad. Domestic plans rarely extend to foreign countries, and an increasing number of countries have closed their borders to expats and travellers without substantial health insurance cover.

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