Morgan Price launches new insurance plan to keep clients

Morgan Price International Healthcare

Morgan Price International Healthcare has launched a new expat health insurance product called EssentialCare. It is available in 3 Levels:

  • Level 1 is an annually underwritten product without automatic renewal or continuation of cover. A 30-year-old could have level 1 worldwide cover for £552. A 50-year-old with worldwide cover would pay £1,212.00
  • Levels 2 and 3 are not re-underwritten at renewal. However, both have lifetime benefits limits.

The product is sold on a worldwide basis, with one area of cover, and pre-existing conditions are not covered on any level from inception. Inpatient excesses differentiate clients of older ages and those living in higher-cost areas.

According to managing director Jon Carpenter, EssentialCare has been launched to retain customers who are opting out of existing covers due to financial conditions.