Weekly health roundup July 18

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International Health News

With heightened reports of tropical diseases and other travel related illnesses, people are being urged more than ever to get all necessary vaccinations before travel. Citizens are reminded to consult with their doctors well in advance of any planned trips to make sure they receive the most effective course of treatment.

If all the recent travel warnings and media coverage is making you nervous over upcoming travel plans, relax, because there are always ways to keep informed. If you want to keep up to date with the latest travel developments, follow these tips and set your mind at ease.

Country Health Updates

If you’ve been nervously following the Zika news, you’ll be happy to know that scientists are now predicting that the worst is behind us and that the epidemic will be over in three years. With developments such as the creation of new pesticides to fight the virus, there is hope that the Zika virus is currently at its peak.

Health Advice

If the stress of traveling gets to you, there are ways you can make your experience abroad a little more comfortable. Condé Nast Traveler recommend changes like adding on an extra night to your trip to catch up on rest or upgrading to a better seat on the flight.

The UK Government are warning travelers not to risk going abroad without travel insurance or an EHIC card, claiming that falling ill whilst out of the country can make for a very expensive holiday. They warn that the cost of treatment for a broken hip in Spain reaching up to £15,000.