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Weekly Health Roundup August 1

International health news Half of adults and a quarter of children consume artificial sweeteners every day, according to the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Several reports have concluded… Read more »

Weekly Health Roundup July 3

International health news A study from the University of Michigan has revealed that taking the contraceptive pill could increase the risk of breast cancer more than previously anticipated. One of… Read more »

Weekly Health Roundup June 26

International health news Researchers have reported that poorer countries should have greater access to effective healthcare. Death rates linked to heart disease and cancer in developed countries have decreased over… Read more »

Weekly Health Roundup May 29

International health news A new study has shown that, by 2040, one-third of tuberculosis cases in Russia could be drug resistant. Due to the drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis, more people… Read more »