Do you get bored waiting at airports? It’s time to go to the gym!

Airport layovers can be extremely boring and annoying. Sometimes they’re just for a short stop but they can also be unexpectedly long. What would be better than going to the gym at the airport, helping you to relax and keep fit? Airport gyms have become more popular in recent years and can now be found all over the world.

Popular airport gyms

San Francisco

San Francisco International Airport was the first airport to offer a yoga room and provide free yoga mats. Over the past few years, they have transformed this room into a typical Zen Garden – the perfect place to get away from the rush! After some yoga, the best place for a healthy snack is The Plant, serving only organic food.


If you want to relax in a sauna in the cockpit of an Airbus, go to Zurich Airport. If you want to exercise at the airport, they also offer group fitness classes and amazing wellness facilities.


Singapore Changi Airport is one of the biggest airports in Asia and was voted the World’s Best Airport 2016. All three terminals have 24-hour spas with saunas, massage services and exercise equipment.


Dubai International Airport has several health clubs with workout equipment, steam rooms, jacuzzis, saunas and even a swimming pool. Next time take your trainers with you and try out the facilities!

If you want to relax but don’t want to get sweaty, visit the natural Zen Garden to clear your mind.

Expansion of gyms at US airports

A new company, Roam Fitness, has opened a gym at Baltimore Washington International Airport. They plan to expand this year, opening two more exercise centres there. In addition, they intend to open more gyms at other airports. You can borrow sportswear, or have your own clothes vacuum sealed after exercising to prevent the smell escaping. Store your hand luggage in a locker as you take a shower afters. It’s the perfect way for business travelers to fit some gym time into their busy schedules.

Inflight exercise

Airbus has started a new project called Transpose in partnership with Reebok and Peloton. Together, they have developed a flying gym module which is located at Mineta San Jose International Airport. This prototype includes yoga mats, stationary bikes, resistance stations and other workout equipment.

People want aircrafts to become large, commercial spaces. The Transpose cabin can also accommodate  spas, gaming centers, yoga studios and even karaoke lounges. Travelers can suggest their ideas for the Transpose cabin at the airport!