Top Tips: Avoid gaining weight abroad

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Foreign food may make you put on weight

Stick to these tips to avoid putting on weight on holiday

Many people diet before a holiday to ensure they look their best. After spending weeks on a healthy diet, following a fitness regime and limiting your taste buds to healthy food it’s easy to let loose abroad.

Spending time away from your mundane life seems to call for freedom for the taste buds too. You often indulge in food which you have kept away from for weeks. The only consolation you give yourself is that you will diet when you get home. However, you should remember gaining weight is much easier than losing it.

At the same time, being too picky about food while abroad is also really awful. You can’t enjoy the holiday nor can you let your companions enjoy it too.

Follow these tips and be happy with the outcome at the end of your holiday.

Have restrictions while cheating

On holiday, you are at liberty to eat everything without pondering much about your diet. But a golden rule to stay in shape is to have a self imposed limit on the intake of calories and fat enriched food.

Don’t prioritize eating above other things

When you are away or spending the holiday season with friends and family, choose food wisely. The purpose of your trip is not to satisfy your taste buds. It is the family or friends with whom you have got an opportunity to spend some time. Think of ways you can make your stay more enjoyable. Such thoughts will automatically turn you away from overeating.

Make an activity schedule

While travelling, never sit idly in front of the window or the television. This will make you tempted to eat. Instead, work out an activity schedule. For instance, set aside about half an hour every morning for strolling around the place where you are staying. This will improve your knowledge of the area as well as get you moving.

Do some weight training

While you are in a holiday mood, you might cut exercise sessions from your schedule. But hold onto some weight training regimes. Weight training cuts down fat more easily than any other forms of exercise. Thus there won’t be extra flab by the end of your holiday.

Consume more macro nutrients

Include more vegetables and food rich in proteins when you feel hungry. That way your appetite will be satisfied in a healthy way. Moreover, these macro nutrients increase your metabolism rate by almost 20%.

Be a moderate drinker

Alcoholic fat is extremely harmful and is the fastest way by which people become obese. Restrict your alcohol consumption if you want to stay fit.

Drink generous amounts of water

Medical researchers have shown that dehydration prompts the body to eat more than required in order to hydrate it. So, you must ensure that you drink at least eight glasses of water everyday throughout your holiday to avoid overeating.

Eat food with a low glycemic index

When selecting food for lunch, dinner or breakfast on holiday, stay away from those that have high glycemic index, that is, food with high calorific value. Especially avoid eating food rich in calories for breakfast, as you will lose the energy that you will require throughout the day to keep yourself active.

It’s your holiday. Enjoy it! Do not be too critical about fitness and diet. Be moderately restrained and you will be fine.


About the author: Kate Wilsson is a blogger by profession. She loves writing about food and lifestyle tips. Beside this she is fond of travelling. These days she is busy writing articles on low cholesterol diet and child obesity.