Caligor Rx to provide prescription services for CIGNA expats

Yesterday Caligor Rx announced an agreement with CIGNA to provide prescription medications to that company’s expat customers.

“Our primary objective is to facilitate ease of access to the best available health care services around the world,” said Dr. Daniel Ober, Chief Medical Officer for CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits. “Through Caligor Rx, we are able to ensure our customers who travel abroad will get the highest quality prescription medications available without the worry of counterfeit drugs that have emerged in many locations.”

Companies Mentioned

CIGNA is a global health service company serving multinational employers, international organizations and individual expatriates. It offers products in 29 countries and has some 66 million customers worldwide. A publicly traded company, CIGNA shares have been on the rise since the second half of 2010. Nonetheless, the company’s earnings are forecasted to remain relatively flat over the next two years. (Website)