Expats could be without health cover when they need it most

Expats are often only realising the gaps in their private healthcare when they need it the most. Many employers attract expats to their company with the promise of private health insurance, but without checking the fineprint, expats may find themselves in trouble.

Many of these offered insurance policies only cover expats for as long as they are working – meaning if you get seriously injured or contract a long-term illness, you may be facing high medical fees. The employers have no responsibility to the employee if they are left unable to work.

How to stay covered

It is now common for expats to pay extra for their own health insurance to ensure they will be covered when they most need it. This is particularly necessary if their ailment stops them from working, as paying medical bills with no income can add extra stress to the problem. In fact, in some countries expats are unable to return to their home country with any unpaid bills remaining. This is especially hard for expats who live in countries with less adequate healthcare measures and who might want to return home to be treated.

Expats are reminded to check the details of their insurance properly, taking note of any loopholes which could leave them out of pocket. These include age limits, cover triggers, and exclusions to the policy.

Image: Wikipedia