International students get new health insurance option

international health insurance for students

Sallie Mae has launched a partnership to provide health insurance for American students on study abroad programs and foreign students moving to the U.S.

Sallie Mae has announced a partnership with International Student Insurance to provide health insurance for international students. Sallie Mae is one of the biggest financial service providers for education in the United States. The new product is available to American students studying abroad and international students going to the U.S.

“Study abroad should be a time for students to gain the global educational experiences of a lifetime,” said Charlie Rocha, senior vice president, Sallie Mae. “Through this partnership, Sallie Mae offers students and their parents peace of mind to confidently pursue an international program.”

Last year a record 723,000 international students studied in America and a further 271,000 American students studied abroad. Although many schools offer group insurance plans for their international students and study-abroad participants, some schools do not, leaving students to find their own coverage.

These new insurance offerings are designed to meet the needs of students studying outside their home countries. Available through Sallie Mae Insurance Services the policies offer the traditional benefits, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, hospitalization and emergency room visits. In addition the plans provide medical evacuation and other emergency services. Families will also have access to interpreter services and 24-hour global support.

With more and more students travelling abroad to study, an international health insurance plan is essential. For students going to the U.S. check with your individual university about their insurance requirements.