Wealthier expats have better health

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People with high socioeconomic status are healthier than those with a lower one.

Scientists have found that people with a high socioeconomic status have better health than those with a lower socioeconomic standing. Factors such as having a high level of education and a job, also help protect against chronic diseases.

The region you live in also plays a part. Those areas with a high per capita income and per capita welfare generally have better health among their populations. These conclusions were drawn from a study conducted at the University of Grenada, Spain.

The study revealed that a person’s income is “positively associated with a good health status”. The level of education is statistically associated with health status: the higher the education level, the better the health of the individual according to three variables:

  • Perceived health status – the perception an individual has of their own health
  • Presence of chronic disease
  • Risk of being granted a temporary/permanent disability pension.
Social relationships were found to be a protective factor against disease, but only in women.

In countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway the gap between rich and poor is relatively small. These countries also have a higher life expectancy. Studies have concluded that regions with low income inequality display healthier populations.