Weekly health roundup August 22

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International Health News

New research now shows that the Zika virus could be more harmful to adults than first thought. Although the effects on infants have been widely studied, more health officials are now looking into the deleterious effects on adults. The study, published in Cell Stem Cell, suggests the disease could affect memory and cognitive function.

Health Advice

New research is showing that job dissatisfaction can have negative effects on your health. A study by Ohio State University has revealed that the jobs you have in your twenties and thirties can affect your health in your forties and onward. Although a person’s mental health is most at risk, the study showed that poor job satisfaction also affects overall health, including an increase in colds and back problems.

20% of eye related illnesses reported to the FDA could have been prevented by correct contact lens use. Misuse of contact lenses includes sleeping in them or wearing them for longer than the recommended time. The CDC now want to push health services into educating more people on the proper use of lenses.

Country Updates

Healthcare officials in Australia are blaming the rising prices of private health insurance on the cost of medical devices. Although over 12 million Australians have private health insurance, prices continue to rise to keep up with the demands of expensive equipment such as pacemakers and hip replacements. Reports now show that a knee replacement in Australia would cost three times more than in Canada.

Many young people in the U.S. are relying on their parents’ health insurance plan well after graduation. A provision under Obamacare states that young people can remain under their parents’ coverage until they turn 26, –  with a government survey showing that the number of uninsured Americans aged 19-25 dropped by 1.6 million.

A new travel warning for the Zika virus has been placed on an area of Miami Beach. Officials are advising pregnant women to avoid traveling to the area and for any pregnant women who have visited since July 14th to check with their healthcare providers about testing.