Top health apps for expats

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More mobile apps are being developed to help expats and travelers abroad.

Health apps are increasingly common and an invaluable tool for travelers and expats. Here we look at some of the best and newest apps on the market.

Doctoralia – This app allows users to search in seven languages for health-care services in 14 countries around the world. Users can rate and contact services as well as read reviews from other users.
Currently available for: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Cost: Free

GeoBlue – This app is currently only available to GeoBlue health insurance holders. Aimed at US expats and travelers it offers information on over 6,000 English speaking physicians and dentists in 180 countries. A brand-name database has over 350 prescription and over-the-counter medicines and a translation tool for key medical terms.
Currently available for: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Cost: Free for GeoBlue policy holders.

REshape HealthTalk – A translation app, it contains searchable topics split into common medical sentences and phrases. These can then be translated and shown to the medical professional. Ideal for travelers and expats in the Netherlands it currently only supports Dutch and English.
Currently available for: iPhone and iPad. Cost: €3.99

Genesis Touch – A new telehealth platform from Honeywell HomMed that allows patients and doctors to communicate remotely. This video communication app can remotely receive data on blood-pressure, blood glucose, temperature etc. This information is then accessed by a care-giver. A touch screen and in-built video mean doctors and patients can communicate effectively over long-distance.
Currently available for: Samsung Galaxy tablets.

VueMe – An app designed so patients can see and share medical images. Not designed for diagnosis but handy for sharing images with alternative health-care providers. It gives patients more control over their medical data.
Currently available for: iPhone and iPad. Cost: Free