The Olympics and Euro 2012 health tips

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travelling to London 2012 Olympics

With large crowds attending sporting events this summer, make sure you take care of your health.

Many people will be travelling to two major sporting events being held in Europe this summer. The Olympic Games in London this August and the UEFA Football Championships being held in Poland and the Ukraine in June and July.

Up to 1.4 million people are expected to travel to the UEFA Football Championships and four times that are expected at the Olympic Games. It can be easy to fall ill when you’re in a relatively small space with a large crowd of people. Follow these simple steps and stay healthy this summer.

  • Take out travel insurance and ensure it covers you for treatment in the countries you are travelling to.
  • Remember the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) won’t cover you in the Ukraine.
  • Check your vaccinations are up to date before you travel; especially measles and rubella.
  • Stay hydrated and use proper precautions to protect against sunburn and heat stroke.
  • Remember Euro 2012 is a tobacco free zone. The use, sale and promotion of all tobacco products is banned in stadiums.
  • Only drink tap water if you know it’s safe. If you are prone to traveller’s diarrhea then stick to bottled water.
  • Be aware of emergency exits when you’re inside stadiums.
  • Ask at first-aid points in stadiums and fan zones if you need assistance.
  • Know the European emergency number, 112. (It only works from mobiles in the Ukraine.)

For more information check the World Health Organisation (WHO) information leaflet for Euro 2012. The official London Olympic Games website has up to date health and safety information for travellers to the games.