Aetna alliance creates high-end cover for Mexicans

Aetna GNP policy partnership

Aetna International has joined with GNP to provide high-end policies for Mexicans in the US.

Aetna and Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP), Mexico’s largest health insurance company, have formed a partnership to combine Aetna’s insurance coverage with GNP’s two new high-end plans for residents of Mexico.

The two GNP plans, Linea Azul Internacional and Linea Azul VIP, are designed for wealthier Mexicans who generally have second homes in the US, and who travel internationally. The plans will be introduced this month, with international coverage from Aetna, in addition to domestic insurance.

The plans’ benefits include hospitalisation, outpatient treatment, medications, and emergency care in the US and abroad. Members will have access to Aetna’s network of more than a million providers in the US, and another 100,000 providers around the world.

“Our customers who purchase our Línea Azul Internacional and Línea Azul VIP plans often have second homes in the U.S. and travel extensively,” said Alejandro Bailleres, CEO of GNP.

“They are accustomed to the very best. We are pleased to work with Aetna to give our members easy access to high-quality health care no matter where in the world they might be. Aetna’s strength in health management analytics, technology and wellness solutions will serve our customers well.”

Additional benefits for the plan include Aetna’s health care management services, mobile technology apps, and all of Aetna’s health and wellness information. The plans will cover members in the US in accordance with the new health care act, known as Obamacare.

Eugene Marks, Aetna International’s general manager of the Americas said Aetna looked forward to “expanding its relationship (with GNP) on a number of additional technology, product and service fronts.”