Clements Worldwide pushes expansion into Middle East market

Clements new Dubai office

Clements Worldwide expansion with its new Dubai office targets the MENA region.

A new Dubai office is helping Clements Worldwide expand its business with a new Middle East & North Africa (MENA) focus. The new office is Clements’ first in the MENA region, and will help the insurer drive sales of its personal and commercial insurance products.

Andy Grimes is the newly appointed head of Clements Dubai, he says, “The MENA region is one of Clements’ largest markets as far as our client base is concerned. Customers in this region face constantly-evolving risks, and we aim to deliver customized solutions to these unique challenges. The new Dubai office will therefore enable us to better service our existing and expanding client base as well as elevate our organizational profile on a global scale.”

Clements currently has offices in Washington DC and London, the new sales office in Dubai’s International Finance Centre (DIFC) aims to extend the market for commercial cover. In particular, the sought-after International Vehicle Fleet Insurance. Covering company vehicles in the MENA region against damage and theft, this insurance has proved very popular.

Likewise, Clements’ speciality risk insurance products, such as coverage against political violence and kidnap & ransom, are ideal for the growing number of international organisations in the region.

Security companies, NGOs, and even international schools in countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Iraq and Afghanistan are some of the potential clients Clements is, and will continue, to attract.

“This expansion is critical to our global strategy, and while we’ve been successful in the Middle East and North Africa region for decades, there still exists an enormous amount of untapped potential,” remarked Dan Tuman, Clements’ vice president.

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