Half of expats plan for extreme sports

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50% of expats plan for extreme sports

Expats should check they are covered for extreme sports like rock-climbing

More than half of people moving abroad plan to do some kind of extreme sports in their new country, a recent poll has revealed.

According to Medicare International’s ongoing survey, 51% of expats expect to take part in pursuits such as bungee-jumping, skydiving and rock-climbing while abroad – 10% more than last year.

But the insurer has warned that expats must read the small print of their policies before going ahead with any potentially dangerous activities as they may not be fully covered.

David Pryor, senior executive director at MediCare International, said extreme sports like paragliding and off-piste skiing are becoming more common for people moving abroad.

He said, “Our online survey confirmed our belief that extreme sports have become more commonplace and that we should continue to ensure all our policyholders are covered for all amateur sporting eventualities.

“We offer cover to clients of any age and in any occupation who may want to push themselves to new extremes in their leisure time, whether paragliding or bungee jumping.”

Are you an “extreme expat”? Do you know if your international health policy covers you for extreme sports? Let us know in the comments section.

Photo: Rock Climbing on Arran (John Chroston) / CC BY-SA 2.0