Weekly health news roundup: 24 March 2015


Dogs can bring more than just joy into your life!

International health news

Kissing your dog can improve your health – The microbes in the dog’s gut could have a pro-biotic effect on humans. They could encourage the growth of positive microorganisms.

What social media posts reveal about your health – This takes personality research on a whole another level. Is it time to cut down on social media for our own privacy?

Health care systems try to cut costs by aiding the poor and troubled – Their aim is to fix medical problems before they become too expensive. Will this work?

Health Advice

Work it on the weekend: the new way to party all night is at the gym – “I went to this cycle class where a drag queen came out and started singing Vogue. It was ridiculous, but it was so much fun, and felt like a night out.”

Country Health Updates

Europe proposes cutting down millions of olive trees in Italy to fight outbreak – 11 million olive trees are being cut down to help fight Xylella fastidiosa.

American doctors are killing themselves and no one is talking about it – At least 400 US doctors kill themselves every year, struggling with depression, anxiety or addiction.

Amsterdam installs drinking water fountains in anti-obesity campaign – 300 drinking water fountains are being placed in order to encourage children to drink water rather than unhealthy drinks.

America has fallen out of love with diet sodas – Not just Amsterdam, America is on board too! The sales of low calorie soft drinks have lowered by almost 20% over the past five years.