Dubai introduces paperless system for health insurance claims

Dubai electronic claim system

The E-claims project in Dubai is set to make all health insurance claims electronic and do away with paper.

The Dubai health Authority (DHA) has launched the second phase of its E-claims project which aims to introduce a paperless environment for all health insurance processes. The project will mean all health insurance policies can be claimed and will be processed electronically in Dubai.

The first phrase of the programme was introduced in June, ensuring all 100,000 government employees with the Enaya programme make claims electronically.

The E-claims project should help reduce insurance fraud, generate real-time information and help create a unified coding system for medical information based on international standards, according to Dr Haider Al Yousuf, director of Health Funding at the DHA.

“All healthcare providers in the emirate now will be using the same coding language to lodge claims. Thus, information such as medication prescribed, diagnosis, etc. are all in the same coding language for all healthcare providers,” Dr Al Yousuf told Gulf Today.

“The portal allows the health funding department to effectively monitor insurance services, reduce abuse, report medical and pharmaceutical errors as well as monitor consumer behaviour and thus helps run a highly efficient health insurance industry in line with best international practices,” he added.

Before this project was introduced the coding of medical information was not uniform or standardised. Now, however, the single electronic platform links healthcare providers, insurers and policyholders.

“Already 1,179 facilities in Dubai are submitting their claims electronically using the portal, in a standard coding format which is being used by more than 80 per cent of facilities registered with the programme,” he added.

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